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MDB - Our Vineyard

At Matin Du Bois Vintners, we are firm believers in the axiom that the wine begins in the vineyard.

As such, the “backbone” of all of our wines is from the grapes of our own Luiseño Vineyard Estate.

With Bordeaux varietal rootstock and vines imported from early Temecula Valley French settlers, propagated throughout the decades, and planted on a slope in 1975, the fruit is of unprecedented quality and provenance in the Temecula Valley.

Three French varietals are grown in the sandy, loamy and rocky soil; the two Bordeaux varietals of Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc, as well as the Alsatian varietal Muscat.

The spacing of the vineyard rows and vines is wider than vineyards planted today, with only 240 plants per acre, nearly 5 times less than contemporary Temecula vineyards.

The vines run north to south on the southern-facing slope of the knoll, leaving the grapes in line with the prevailing breeze that cools off the vineyard each summer night.

MDB-Our Vineyard Terroir rows
grapes in hand

The yield per acre is low and the quality is high, resulting in the grapes produced, known by local vineyard managers, as some of the best grapes in the valley.

The vines produce less than 2-3 tons per acre per year, making Matin Du Bois wines relatively rare.

Our Vineyard’s History

Leon Borel planted 56 varietals on a test vineyard just one mile from our current vineyard in search of the best grapes to grow in the Temecula Valley.
MDB Timeline image
Three commercial vineyards were planted based on the information gathered from the test vineyard.
MDB Timeline image
Local organic farmers acquired the land and began a vine nursery using Sauvignon Blanc clippings from the test vineyards to generate a rootstock.
MDB Timeline image
This family of farmers designed and planted the vineyard, and eventually named it Luiseño Vineyard in honor of the native people that called the Temecula Valley their home for so many centuries.
MDB Timeline - family in vineyard photo
The Schneider Family purchased the vineyard and began tending one of the oldest vineyards in the Temecula Valley.
The Schneider's incorporated Solidago Farms and became first-generation vintners in 2011 with the creation of Matin Du Bois Vintners.
In August, Luiseño Vineyard is harvested and the Merlot grape yield is used to make the first line of Matin Du Bois wines.
MDB-3 bottles
The first line of Matin Du Bois wines is released with the meticulous creation of Borel, Corbeaux, Solidago, and Lavande.
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Matin Du Bois releases two new versions of the Lavande and a Tempranillo blend.
MDB Timeline - Regan
Regan Schneider, the eldest daughter of 3, becomes the second generation vintner of the Schneider Family and paves the way for the future of Matin Du Bois Vintners.