Our Founding Story

Our founders started experimenting with winemaking when they first moved to the Temecula Valley in 1998.

The love for winemaking and the Temecula Valley only continued to grow over the years, and in 2010, the Matin Du Bois label and the first estate merlot blends were released to the public.

MDB Vineyard

Matin Du Bois’ flagship vineyard, Luiseño Vineyard, established and named back in the late 1970s by the original family that planted it, is one of the oldest recorded vineyards in the valley and consistently produces fruit used in the best Merlot-based wines in the valley.

We are honored to continue to cultivate this unique vineyard and only produce on years’ that we believe are exceptional enough for the MDB label.

Nonetheless, MDB wines are limited and rare. Our goal is to bring harmony to each offering by perfecting the “golden triad” to create only truly amazing wines.

At Matin Du Bois, our mission is to produce world-class wines from grapes of unsurpassed quality and prove that the Temecula Valley can stand up with some of the best wine-producing regions in California and the world.


We areProducers of Food-Friendly Wine Since 2010

What started as a passion project between brothers-in-law, has flourished into a mission to produce some of the best wines in the Temecula Valley. Each part in the creation of our wines has been meticulously thought out and done with purpose. From the care of the vines to the selection of barrels, the story behind the name and emblem on each wine label, everything has been carried out with a sense of meaning in mind.

As a family of “foodies,” it only made sense to create wines that served as perfect pairings to the foods they enjoyed the most. Inspired by the Old World style of wines, Matin Du Bois incorporates influences from France, Italy, and Spain to create an all-encompassing flavor journey that takes you through the complex nature of their Merlot-based wines and the best foods to enjoy with them.

MBD Family

The Matin Du Bois Lifestyle